Full-service business registration


Full-service business registration

The full-service business registration includes a lot of procedures that if done by yourself, the business owner will spend a lot of time and effort without being able to guarantee the results. Accordingly, to simplify this procedure, businesses should consider using the full-service business registration of ASLAW – the leading law consulting firm in Vietnam specializing in corporate law.

Full registration service of business establishment

When using ASLAW’s full-service business registration, customers will receive the following support and advice:

• Consulting on naming businesses in accordance with the law, good, beautiful, simple, easy to remember and especially not duplicate. With business names no longer available as in previous years due to the current wave of business registrations, ASLAW is committed to advising customers on good and attractive business names.

• Consulting on choosing a business line in accordance with the law, in accordance with the actual industry of the client. In addition, ASLAW will also advise customers on the best business lines that your business may want to expand activities in the future. Accordingly, the customers will be able to be able to register it early and prepare ahead. Business lines are looked up in Vietnam’s level 4 economic industry system.

• Advice on choosing one of the appropriate business types. ASLAW is ready to provide advice based on the actual situation of the business and operational goals, expanding related to the type of business. In addition, ASLAW will also provide advice on business transformation if necessary while the business is already conducting operating activities.

• Advice on choosing and registering an appropriate level of charter capital. With different types of companies as well as different economic situations between companies, ASLAW is committed to giving appropriate advice on the level of charter capital when registering to establish a business, as well as other recommendations such as In-depth answers on problems and tips to know when setting up the charter capital. Basically, a charter capital of over 10 billion will have a license fee of 3 million/year. Registering a charter capital of 10 billion or less will need a license fee of 2 million/year.

• Advice on choosing a suitable representative. The legal representative of the enterprise is a person who has full capacity for civil acts, professional knowledge, and experience in operating and managing the business to help the company succeed more easily. Accordingly, ASLAW will provide advice in the list of members of the enterprise to find the most suitable individual as the legal representative.

Why should you use ASLAW’s full-service business registration?

ASLAW is a law firm with in-depth experience in establishing businesses with foreign elements, consulting on enterprises and has been providing clients with comprehensive legal services. ASLAW’s consulting in this field is highly appreciated by customers.

ASLAW’s business establishment and business consulting services include:

• Establishing a business with foreign elements in Vietnam

• Consulting on documents and procedures to establish a business with foreign elements in Vietnam

• Advice on suitable names for the establishment of enterprises with foreign elements in Vietnam

• Prepare documents and records for business establishment

• Support list of office addresses upon request

• Drafting corporate charter

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