How to establish a food business?


How to establish a food business?

A food business is a type of business that is getting extremely hot in Vietnam nowadays. This is because Vietnam’s population is growing day by day, creating many opportunities for food business. So, how to establish a food business?

The application for food business establishment

The application for food business establishment include:

  • Application for business registration;
  • Business charter;
  • List of members for two-member limited liability companies, Founding shareholders for joint-stock companies;
  • A valid ID card or passport (for individuals);
  • Certificate of business registration for groups and enclosed with personal identification papers, authorization decision of the authorized representative of the organization (for organizations);
  • Decision on capital contribution for company members, company shareholders being organizations;
  • Other required documents.

The procedure to establish a food business

To set up a food business in Vietnam, the applicant needs to submit an application for registration of the establishment of a food business to the Business Registration Office of the Department of Planning and Investment of the province/city directly under the Central Government where the business headquarter is located.

The applicant is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the contents declared in the registration dossier. The business registration authority is solely responsible for the validity of the application.

Depending on the type of business that the organization or individual intends to establish, the necessary documents in the registration dossier will be different.

Normally, if the documents are valid and other requirements are met, the whole process of setting up a food business will take about 03 – 06 working days.

Disclosure of business registration information

After being granted a business registration certificate, the business must make a public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal and pay the full fee as prescribed by law.

The business registration fee can be paid directly at the business registration office or into the business registration office’s account.

Business seal

After being granted the Certificate of Business Registration, the business authorizes a lawyer or directly contacts the seal engraving agency to engrave the legal entity’s seal for the business.

A seal includes a seal made at a seal engraving establishment or a seal in the form of a digital signature in accordance with the law on electronic transactions.

The business has the full right to decide on the type, quantity, form, and content of the seal of the enterprise, its branches, representative offices, and other units.

Businesses engrave their own seals and manage their own seals, and are responsible for their own seals.

Notes when establishing a food business

Because a food business is a special type of business, the applicant needs to apply for a certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety before operating.

Subjects applying for the Certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety conditions include:

  • Food production and trading establishments;
  • Independent manufacturing plant in one location.

Cases where no application is required:

  • Small initial functional food production establishments;
  • Small business establishments that do not have special product preservation requirements;
  • Street vendors;
  • Prepackaged business establishments that do not require special storage conditions;
  • Establishments dealing in packaging and tools in direct contact with food.

Business lines

The business can only operate in the business lines that it has registered. Therefore, when registering to establish a food business, businesses should register the following business lines:

1. Processing and preserving meat and meat products: 1010

2. Processing and preserving aquatic products and products from aquatic products: 1020

3. Processing and preserving vegetables and fruits: 1030

4. Production of animal and vegetable oils and fats: 1040

5. Processing milk and dairy products: 1050

6. Milling and production of raw flour: 1061

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