Notes to Franchise in Vietnam


Notes to Franchise in Vietnam

Notes to franchise in Vietnam, Franchise Vietnam Notes

Notes to franchise in Vietnam, Franchise Vietnam Notes

Franchise in Vietnam is developing now. During the operation of franchisee in Vietnam, there are some disputes arising due to the fact that their franchise registration is not lawful under the law of Vietnam. Therefore, please provide the following information so that we can advise you in more detail:

– When was company of franchisor established?

– Which and How many countries have franchisor franchised?

– Does franchisor has any trademarks or other intellectual property registered in Vietnam? If yes, please provide us registration number of the trademark or application thereof.

– Do you need us to discuss with your franchisee in Vietnam?

– Do you need us to draft or review franchisee agreement?

– The location of franchisee?

Please consider the above notes to franchise in Vietnam and send the brief information to the following contact for our verification and advice:

– You also could see procedure and requirement of recording franchise in Vietnam here.

– You could also check the options of opening representative office in Vietnam here.

–  The process of opening company in Vietnam here.

–  The Notes of doing business in Vietnam here.

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