Online patent registration in Vietnam


Online patent registration in Vietnam

When an inventor has successfully invented an invention, they would want full ownership of that invention. However, they may feel that it is too complicated to authorize organizations with industrial property representation rights that have been granted practice certificates to register their patents. Wishing to register their invention on their own, the inventor/enterprise who owns the invention did not know how to file a patent application and the complicated procedures surrounding it. So, how do you conduct an online patent registration?

A preliminary search of inventions on the database of the NOIP

Before proceeding to file patent applications, product/service subgroups, the applicants should conduct a patent search here to open an online database to search for registered inventions.

  • In the patent search, enter patent information: For example, enter the word TOYOTA
  • In the item product/service group: For example, enter the number 12 (group of cars and motorbikes)
  • The patent applicant then presses the search button.

The results will be displayed and the patent applicant can refer to whether the proposed invention is comparable to another previously registered invention.

Note: The above search results are for reference only and are usually only 40% accurate because NOIP data will not be updated within 3 months from the date of application.

Create an account to file an online patent application

Applicants who wish to file an online patent application need to create an account on

After account registration, the system administrator of NOIP will review and issue an account to the applicant. If the account is successfully granted, NOIP will notify the applicant by email including the username and password.

The applicant then uses the provided account to log into the system.

After logging in, the applicant needs to change the account password and make a declaration of the patent application according to the instructions here.

Save and Encrypt Profile

After declaring the profile information, the applicant saves his/her profile to complete the declaration. There are 2 functions Save Profile:

• Temporary storage: The system performs a draft save of the declared profile. The system does not bind information and documents, which can support users in the case of declaring multiple records or declaring incomplete records.

• Official save: The system officially saves records, enforces binding of information and documents.

If the official Save is performed, the system displays a message confirming the encryption of the file to keep the information that the applicant has declared.

Then, the applicant chooses a digital certificate to encrypt the profile. Only the registered digital certificate can encrypt the file, and only that digital certificate can decrypt the file so that the applicant can manipulate the file.

Electronically sign records

After the applicant declares the profile, to ensure the legality of the information declared to the NOIP, the applicant must conduct an e-Signature with his/her digital signature.

With the electronically signed profile, the applicant is not allowed to modify the information on the system anymore. In case there is a discrepancy with the signed profile, the applicant is responsible for his or her information.

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