Trademark registration in Russia


Trademark registration in Russia

Russia is the largest country, as well as one of the most developed economies in the world. In recent years, the number of enterprises in Viet Nam which enter into Russia market has been increasing rapidly. And one of their biggest cares is how to protect their trademarks in Russia. Therefore, it’s really useful for them to know about how to trademark registration in Russia. Hereinafter, ASLAW will consult you about this matter as follow:

In general, registering a trademark in Russia is quite simple and doesn’t differ from trademark registration in Viet Nam too much. There are two ways to register trademark in Russia: first, the holder may file the application correctly in Russia; secondly, you may register trademark through the Madrid Agreement (WIPO).

                    Trademark registration in Russia

                         Trademark registration in Russia

When filling applicant in Russia, the holder shall need to prepare these following documents:

(a) Name, address and nation of the applicant.

(b) Samples of the mark.

(c). Power of Attorney (POA) executed by the applicant. Notarization and legalization are required.

(d) The list of goods/services containing the trademark.

After filling application, holder’s application shall go though four stages:

– Formality examination: The Trademark Office shall examine application’s formality.

– Substantive examination: The Trademark Office shall examine trademark’s distinction from others.

– Publishing the application: The Trademark Office shall publish the application through publication and online.

– Granting certificate: If the holders register successfully, they shall be granted a certificate of registration for their Trademark.

In case of registering trademark through the Madrid Agreement (WIPO),

The holders shall need to file their application in Vietnam, then, National Office of intelligent property of Vietnam shall file the application at WIPO, and at the same time appoint to Russia’s Trademark Office.

Why choose ASLAW for advising on trademark registration in Russia?

– With associates and a long term relationship in more than 62 countries, ASLAW is providing the trademark services in international scope. Local and international clients prefer using the services of ASLAW since with only one instruction and one main contact address, they can successfully register their trademark in Russia.

– The law firm’s lawyers may speak English, French, Japan, and Chinese.

The essay above has given you information about trademark registration in Russia. In case, the clients have any queries, please contact with ASLAW to be consulted. 

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