Trademark registration in Laos


Trademark registration in Laos

Based on the regulations in Laos, multiple-class is not applied. It means that each trademark application only include 01 class.

Trademark in Laos can be protected under the forms of logo or device, words, design of package. A trademark to be registered in Laos can be categorized into four categories namely, trademark, service trademark, collective trademark and figurative mark.

Rule of file trademark in Laos: Lao PDR, uses the First-to-File system. (i.e. Prior use shall not be taken into account). This means, two applicants apply to register for the same mark, the first application that receives the filling number will be granted the right. All applications have to be sent and examined by the Lao DIP.

Priority: 06 months from the first filing date in accordance with Paris convention.

Procedure of Trademark in Laos:

– Trademark search of the availability:

Trademark search in Laos is not compulsory, however, it is significant to identify the registrability of their trademark prior to officially filing the trademark application in Laos Office. The result of trademark search shall show that whether you will keep the trademark as original one to file in Laos. Otherwise, your trademark shall be amended to meet the requirement of protection.

– Trademark registration in Laos:

Total time applied for a straight forward case of trademark in Laos: 06-08 months.

Validity of trademark in Laos:

10 Years

Trademark is to be renewed six months before the expiry date

Grace period: 6 months after the expiry date

ASLAW’s team of Lao trademark registration shall monitor client’s trademark certificates and remind them 4-5 months prior to the respective deadline.

Major deals handled by ASLAW:

The IP agent provided the service of trademark in Laos for the following clients:

– Advising four leading Vietnamese Enterprises in protecting 30 trademarks in Laos.

– Registration of 10 trademarks for American company in the field of pharmaceutical in Laos.

– Advising a blue-chip Japanese company in the field of electronic on registering and monitoring 24 trademarks in Laos.

– Renewing 55 trademark certificates for a Hong kong based company in Laos.

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